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  • Joint Function: How To Stay Active



    Joint pain doesn’t just have to happen because you’re getting older. By exercising, eating right and treating yourself, you can keep your joints feeling young to enjoy an active lifestyle.



    Exercise and Weight-loss - Being overweight can put some stress on your joints, losing some extra pounds is the place to start to help keep your joints performing their best and to prevent discomfort to your joints. Exercise is key in preserving healthy joint function by strengthening the muscles around the joints, enhancing local circulation, and raising levels of natural painkillers.



    Eat Your Way to Healthier Joints - What you eat is important in terms of how your joints can feel and function. While some foods are thought to cause inflammation in the body, increasing pain and interfering with the healing process others help in fighting inflammation. Always stick with colorful fruits and vegetables like blueberries, mango, kale and stay away from tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplants that can make your joint pain worse.



    Consider supplements: Fruit Advantage Joint Formula in Tart Cherry helps maintain healthy joint function, Tart Cherry is a standardized extract. Using the skin of the tart cherry allows for this joint formula to deliver the most vital antioxidants of the amazing fruit, which include Melatonin and Anthocyanins. Melatonin and Anthocyanins are used to maintain healthy joint functions, promote a healthy cardiovascular system and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.



    Home Therapy: The best therapy we can receive at the end of the day is some type of relaxation and nourishment, including massages, soaking the pain away with Epsom salt baths or trying out other alternatives that will help bring relief to stiff and sore joints.





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