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    A Vogel Bronchosan Liquid is like fresh herbs in a bottle. And with cold and flu season here you want to make sure to keep your immune system prepared to fight off anything related to the cold and flu.

    There are plenty of websites out there that offer natural remedies and great vitamins to take, but there isn’t another site out there with prices as low as My Vitamin Mart. Not only does it have all natural products on the site but it also cuts down the price by more than half with many of its products.

    Vogel Bronchosan Liquid comes from a fresh herb extract that helps to promote a healthy respiratory system and lung function.

    The competitors are selling it for $20.49 while the list price is $21.99 only saving $1.50 which is only 6% off. On My Vitamin Mart you can find the same product, the list price is $21.99, our price is $11.22 allowing you to save $10.77, well over 6% !



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