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    With the NYC Marathon less than a month away here are some tips to make your longer runs easier along with some products from MyVitaminMart to make your run more comfortable and get you prepared for the marathon day.

    Stay Energized During the Marathon



    To keep your blood–sugar level steady and your energy up try High Octane Energy Chews to deliver an explosive energy to encounter an intense race.


    Your Pre-Marathon Power Breakfast


    It’s tough to eat right and be able to power up when you’re on the run. Try an About Time: Fruit, Nuts and protein bar that is designed to give your body great natural protein. These bars are 100% natural, contain 11 grams of egg white, natural sweeteners and tons of great nutrients without sacrificing taste.


    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


    Keep your muscles happy and hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Before long runs stick with water. During long runs alternate between water and sports drinks. Ola Loa Sport is an all natural thirst- quenching drink. It is packed with tons of electrolytes for energy and stamina and also osmolytes, TMG and glycine to prevent dehydration while allowing you to stay active and healthy throughout your run and after.


    Pack in Protein


    Protein helps to maintain and build muscle mass, including that in the quads and hamstrings which are a runner's greatest asset. The Met-Rx Colossal Bars are packed with protein and is a great tasting way to fuel up on demand.


    Be Comfortable and Supported


    Be sure to stay comfortable throughout the race in terms of clothes, footwear and therapeutic sports tape. Keep your footwear fresh with Ever Bamboo Shoe Deodorizer and your joints supported with Nutriworks Acti-Tape to provide support to your joints, muscles and enhancing sports performance without affecting range of motion.



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