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  • Foods that Boost Energy

    Energy is something that we need all the time, (and something I’m always looking to get more of!). From walking, to reading, to even going to the bathroom we need energy at every step. Every cell in our body requires energy in order to perform the normal functionality and ensure that we get along with our day to day activities. Usage of energy usually depends upon the kind of work one is involved in.

    The first class of nutrients that the body uses in order to provide energy are carbohydrates, so make sure you are including carbs in your everyday diet! Fruits and whole grains are quite helpful with providing energy without being too unhealthy. Hydration is also super important as it keeps the body active and balances the electrolytes in the body. Nuts are also very important they should be not just used during winters but summers as well and they are best to ward off hunger. Spices such as cardamom can have beneficial effect as it also boosts energy. Boosting energy for the body is important and hence one should consume foods and follow advices that can ensure you to perform all tasks of the day well.  

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