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    Going back to school is always very exciting! The first day back, everyone makes sure that their hair is perfect, their clothes are ready, and for some of us nerdy people it was about the fresh school supplies that we ended up buying. Sadly, none remember what is actually required for kids who are going back to school- it also about getting a healthy diet. This is because eventually that diet is one of the few things that will help one to be able to get through just the day, but through the entire year.

    A balanced diet should include all classes of healthy food and most importantly, it should include vitamins. Even though, our body in very small proportions requires them. Nonetheless, they make sure that we function and perform our everyday routine without any hassle. Now it is not easy giving kids healthy food that they might actually end up enjoying or even remotely agree to eat them with out making faces. There is vitamin C easily available in the form of tablets that can be dissolved in water. This form of vitamin C can be effective in giving strength to kids after a very hectic day. Moreover, electrolytes can be given in order to restore minerals that have been lost during the entire day in the form of sweat. Then again, who can forget gummies! They have been the ultimate savior for this generation. Gummies are chewable and are formulated with different vitamins. Not to mention they come in various flavors and colors accordingly. What is more interesting about them is that they do not have to be taken more than once in a day, which means that one does not have to run around children to get them to take their vitamins. Vitamins are very essential because they will enhance performance of any child and therefore help in excelling at school. 

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