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    I know that people will be shocked when I say this, but I didn’t know what Crossfit was until very recently! Crossfit includes various tasks/exercises that potentially strengthens the body. After hearing about it from a colleague, I decided to look into it because when she tried explaining it, it did not seem very convincing.

    In Crossfit, they post a new task everyday that a person has to achieve. It ranges from sprinting to weightlifting. A lot of people say that it is an amazing way of losing weight, because they give new tasks everyday to follow. So it is not the same boring routine that is seen in various exercising videos that are available in the market.

    Because there are new tasks everyday, the body burns a lot more calories as well as tone up because the body does not get use to the routine and there are different levels that can be achieved.  To others, crossfit seems like a bogus idea. Many others believe that there is no quality control over the workouts that are being posted. Moreover, according to researches that have taken place, many healthcare professionals seem to think that it can greatly damage spine or any other part of the body because fitness regime like these can force people to go beyond their limits and hence result into irreversible damage.

    The pros and cons of crossfit should be weighed in before trying out but that is the case with almost any fitness regime that one follows. Crossfit is a fitness regime that has many followers all around the world and it definitely is very popular, as I have gotten to know with all the facilities that have popped up all around the world. But only time can tell whether is it going to fade away or not but for now its taking over every nook and corner of the world. 

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