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  • Maca – What Is It

    If you’ve been in a health food store lately you’ve probably seen many Maca products lining the shelves. It’s a fairly new entry to the North American health food market but in actuality it’s been around for thousands of years. It was traditionally used by Incan warriors as a source of increased strength, endurance and fertility. It is a root that’s grown in the high Andes of Peru and is now being used by modern warriors to fight the effects of modern life, like stress, pollution and poor nutrition.

    The quiet member of the super-food family, Maca is quite nutrient dense and contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all of the essential amino acids. Vegetarians love it because it’s a great vegetarian source of B 12, the best source of natural energy.

    There are 3 types of Maca – red, yellow and black; and they each have their own different nutritional properties and results. Most natural health food or vitamin stores have a wide selection of Maca, including pill, liquid and powder form, it just depends on your personal preference. One of the most popular ways of using the supplement is to add the powder to your favourite smoothie or protein shake for a super boost.

    The Benefits of Maca

    Energy and Endurance

    The Incan warriors used Maca to give them a boost of energy and increased endurance. Today’s athletes are using Maca for the same reasons and seeing the same improved performance results. Whether you’re a pro or amateur athlete, more stamina, energy and endurance are always welcome.

    If you’re like millions of Americans and need a coffee to get moving in the morning you should give Maca a try. Many nutritionists recommend it because its caffeine free so it will give you a natural and nutritious boost in the morning without the unwanted side effects of caffeine or the added calories of cream and sugar.

    Maca and Your Blood Sugar

    Recent studies have shown that Maca can significantly increase an individual’s glucose tolerance and decrease their blood sugar levels. This recent research can be a significant step forward for people diagnosed with diabetes or hypoglycemia.


    Recent trends have shown that an increase in infertility in women in western society. Doctors aren’t sure if it’s due to the environment we live in or just our evolution. Many couples who are trying to get pregnant have turned to naturopathy and herbal medicine, and a popular herbal remedy for infertility is Maca.

    One of the reasons for Maca’s popularity is that it’s able to help increase fertility in both men and women. A study involving black Maca found that the herbal supplement helped to increase sperm count and motility as well as seminal volume. These changes occurred without making any other changes to the man’s hormones.

    Another medical study tested the effects that yellow Maca had on a woman’s fertility. The study used white mice and found that they had increased fertility which then resulted in a high rate of pregnancy.

    Before taking any new vitamin or supplement always check with your family doctor to make sure that it won’t interact with any medications you’re currently taking.

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