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  • How to Treat Your Baby Like a Prince

    Congratulations to the royal family on arrival of Prince George!! He is a royal, no doubt, and will of course be given special treatment from the media, the public, and the care given to him. Every child is special, every child is dearest, and every child is a royal for his or her parents.


    One of the essential things of raising a child is giving them a little TLC, which is required in almost every aspect of raising a child. One of the areas that needs TLC, is the food that the child will be consuming. The diet should contain all the minerals and vitamins because this is the age at which they can play an important role in the development of a healthy individual and hence ensure a healthy living in later years. Vitamins such A,B,C and D should be given on regular basis because they are at a growing age and use up all the nutrients at a faster rate. And it’s just not important to give a healthy diet, but its also important to regulate a sleep pattern in the baby, (even though sleeping pattern for parents can go out of the window) because that’s when most of the processes of development and repair takes place. What further a child requires, is not just pampering (through playing dress up, or the usual “awws” from the ladies on the street) they need attention as well.

     Parents need to interpret and act accordingly to what their child needs in that particular moment. So whether your child is an actual prince or not , you can always treat and raise your child as if they are a royal.

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