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  • Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy People

    Everyone needs a little something extra to stay healthy and perform the best they can! Vitamins and minerals are significant for the body’s development because they bring about numerous effects. Structural changes in the cells results into an increase in the overall efficiency of the organ, as well as the system as a whole. For example vitamins such as A and E are very important for the proper function of different organs of the body. Vitamin a is important for eyesight because it helps in the formation of a substance called rhodopsin (also known as visual purple).those who lack this substance are unable to see in darkness or a dark room.  This is also known as night blindness. Vitamin E on the other hand acts as an antioxidant, that is, they take up all the free radicals produced as a result of all the metabolic reactions taking place in the cell, and hence safeguard against the cellular damage that takes place resulting into aging. Minerals on the other hand are also important because they help in enhancing the effects of different vitamins that are present or being taken as a supplement.

     Moreover they can also help in the structures that are present within the body. Calcium and copper are, for instance, two very important minerals out of many. Calcium is seen as a mineral that helps in the development of the bones and strengthens them in order to bear weight. Furthermore it also helps in the proper function of the neurons and the passing of the signals from one neuron to another as it causes the release of various neurotransmitters. Copper, though not very popular, but still is important because it helps in the formation of the hemoglobin (that is the oxygen carrier present in the red blood cells). Moreover it helps in the maintenance of bone, nerves and connective tissue in the body. One of the most important functions of the minerals in the body is to keep the electrolytes in balance in order for the body to function normally. The electrolyte imbalance can have severe consequences on the body and even cause death. Vitamins and minerals are important in order to stay healthy and with growing age the body needs it in larger amounts in order to meet the daily requirement hence they should be made part of daily routine to avoid any inconvenience. 


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