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    Hey guys – Vicki here! My family and I just started to go organic with what we eat in the house and I’ve already seen a lot of benefits. Living in a household where special attention is given to diet, a lot emphasis has been put on what is being put in the body. Even when shopping for groceries, I have seen my mother scanning through aisles in search of organic food, irritating various workers in different stores with her incessant questioning of whether the product she was buying was an organic product. From a very young age, it was grilled into my mind that organic food is right choice for a healthy living.

    Organic food are those that are grown naturally that is, the conventional farming techniques that have been used for centuries and hence are free from any sort of processing agents or modifications. Not to sound like an advertisement, but organic foods is very beneficial and some are enumerated in this blog. Organic food is grown in natural environment, which obviously endorses the fact that its free from any unnatural or synthetic products getting in contact with the product itself hence making it safe to be used. Lesser amount of pesticides are also used which in turn limits the exposure of the human body to the harmful chemicals of those pesticides and as some of the conventional thinkers say “will not be growing extra set of arms and legs”. Growing of organic food is also generally good for the environment itself. Because you are taking something from nature, you should be returning something back to it. 

    Growing of organic food causes lesser amount of damage to the soil and reduced amount of pollution in air, water and soil. Due to this reason, the growth of organic foods is much preferred and supported. Moreover, these organic products are not grown in the presence of any antibiotics or artificial growth factors such as chemicals, or genetic modifications and there are free from all sorts of impurities. Also, organic food products are also fresher than non-organic products because they are carefully plucked or collected from their natural environment and are fully ripe. All in all usage of organic foods is very beneficial, because it has many nutrition- wise advantages that can ensure a healthy and a wonderful life for many years to come. 

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