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  • Vitamins That Can Increase Estrogen Levels

    Estrogen is a hormone that is synthesized from cholesterol. It is a hormone that is secreted both in male and female.  In females it helps in regulating the monthly menstrual cycle and has major effects on the bone structure of the body such as deposition of calcium resulting into strengthening of bone and causes the skin to become more vascularized and thinner. It also helps in prevention of formation of acne. In men, estrogen helps in the production of sperms by inducing their growth in the testes (reproductive organ). All in all it’s a very important and decrease in its levels can produce major consequences on the body regardless of gender.

    There are various vitamins that can help in increasing and maintaining of estrogen levels in the body. Usage of b-complex formulas can be very helpful because most of the vitamin B can help in increasing the production of the estrogen. Vitamin B-1, vitamin b-12, folic acid and niacin play a significant role in the production of this hormone because they help in maintaining the adrenal glands where the synthesis of this hormone takes place as it forms estrone, which is a precursor of the hormone estrogen. Next vitamin that can help in increasing the level of estrogen is vitamin E. vitamin E is popularly known for its antioxidant properties but it also is beneficial in increasing the level of estrogen. Different researches have been done and it is seen that vitamin E helps in the stimulation of estrogen especially in those who took it when they were suffering or recovering from breast cancer. Another vitamin that helps in the maintenance of estrogen levels is vitamin C. vitamin C plays a significant role and just like vitamin B also causes production of estrogen as it helps the adrenal gland which is where as mentioned above, is where the synthesis of the estrogen takes place. 

    Women, especially those who have hit menopause or are closer to it, should be using these on regular basis because as they age, the levels of estrogen fall and this causes various problems such as osteoporosis because the deposition of calcium decreases and hence weakens the bones. More over the maintenance of the blood vessels that occur due to estrogen also weakens over time and result into various cardio vascular diseases. Men should also use it in order to maintain the mucous membranes in the body that is maintained through estrogen with growing age especially in their 40s. With the help of these vitamins diseases related to dryness or damage to the mucous membrane can be avoided. All in all these vitamins can be used to live a healthy and happy life. 

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