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  • Laxatives to get a quick relief from constipation

    Laxatives are substances that are used in order to get a quick relief from constipation. There are different types of laxatives:

    1. Bulk forming laxatives: these laxatives are high in fiber and hence cause stools to be formed. It is one of the most commonly used laxatives.
    2. Stool softeners: these laxatives cause moisture to be added in order for passing the stools easily through the bowel. It is used usually in elderly people.
    3. Lubricant laxatives:  these have the same functions as the stool softener except it does not provide immediate relief although it can be used in people who suffer from hypertension.
    4. All natural stimulant laxatives: it strengthens colon muscles for stimulation and provides immediate relief from constipation. It also expels parasites from the body.
    5.   Saline laxatives: they are used for lower bowel and is used for relief from constipation. It includes sodium salts.
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