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  • Niacin benefits for Heart, Skin and Central Nervous System

    Niacin is also known as “vitamin B3”. It is a fat soluble vitamin and hence has to be taken within the normal dose that is recommended and not to be replaced as much as a water soluble vitamin. Niacin has beneficial effects over heart, skin and central nervous system. It causes the skin to become supple and moist with regular usage. It lowers the cholesterol level and hence reduces the risk of coronary diseases. It reduces aging of the brain and this in turn results into reduced mental confusion and increased cognitive power. Niacin also improves recovery from any DNA damage which in turn causes reduced chances of developing cancer. In diabetes mellitus type 1, where people are affected in early age, usage of niacin can protect the beta cells of pancreas and hence protect against this type of diabetes. Niacin is an extremely important vitamin and should be made part in order to benefit from what it has to offer.

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