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  • Lack of Vitamin K can result loss of blood during an injury or trauma

    Vitamin K is one of the most ignored vitamins of all times. People do generally overlook the importance of this vitamin even though it has very significant role in the body. It is a vitamin that is important in blood coagulation and therefore, lack of it can result loss of blood during an injury or trauma. Besides helping with coagulation of blood, it can also strengthen the heart and bones. With bones it helps in activating compounds that causes high deposition of calcium and hence reduces the risks of osteoporosis or any other bone weakening diseases.  It also reduces inflammation which can lead to serious heart diseases. It also helps in the formation of the outer covering of the neurons (known as myelin sheath) and therefore helps in the conduction of the signals efficiently.  Furthermore it works as an anti oxidant that helps in removing the free radical produced by everyday metabolic processes that damage the cell membrane. Vitamin k, is a fat soluble vitamin that needs to replaced every other day and therefore should become a part of daily diet in order to lead a healthy life.

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