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  • Folic Acid and its widespread effects in human body

     Folic acid has widespread effects in the body and has multiple functions, which includes cell repair and maintenance. Folic acid, firstly, helps in combating anemia. Due to lack of folic acid, pernicious anemia can occur and hence there is less oxygen that is provided to various organs and there functionality reduces over time. Secondly, it boosts the immune system because there is an increased production of leukocytes (also known as white blood cells). Thirdly, it is very important for pregnant women, because during pregnancy the fetus requires folic acid for the development of the spinal cord and lack of it can cause spina bifida, brain damage, paralysis and even stillborn child. Folic acid furthermore, can reduce the risk of coronary diseases because it gets rid of a toxin compound that has adverse effects over arteries and damage them severely. Folic acid should become part of regular diet in order to use up the benefits it has to offer.

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