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  • Whey protein can boost immune system

    Whey protein is a bi-product of cheese. But surprisingly it has a really high content of branched amino acids present in it. Amino acid is an essential component of cells, and hence whey protein is very beneficial to the body. Whey protein is usually heard in relation to bodybuilding but it has other beneficial effects too. Whey protein helps in boosting up the immune system because it contains glutathione which is an antioxidant and helps in getting rid of free radicals and therefore improves overall performance of the body. It also helps in losing weight because whey protein can be used as low calorie snack and therefore will make you feel just as full as you did with any candy bar. As its protein, it also helps in building muscles which will consume more calories when the body is at rest and therefore will cause the pointer on the scale to tip towards left. All in all, whey protein is a beneficial product when used combined with exercise

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