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  • How to Stay Healthy During the Peak of Flu Season



    In the United states, flu season typically starts in the fall and peaks between January and February. With the peak of this season quickly approaching, the reality is that the chance of coming in contact with cold and flu germs is very likely. Fortunately, there are some insider tips and know-how that can minimize this risk.

    The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends disinfecting the surfaces in your home as a precaution to catching the flu. It recommends buying products that are made to disinfect and kill germs, as opposed to just clean. not all cleaning products disinfect and by understanding how to interrupt the transmission of germs, we can ward off the flu. The places you never want to miss wiping down are:


              -Bathroom taps: as they harbor more germs than the toilet seat.


              -The kitchen sink: it contains 100,000x more germs than a bathroom.


              -The TV remote: It is is one of the top places to transmit infections in the home.


              -Light switches: They are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in the home.


    In addition to cleaning, other ways to stay healthy are :

               -Get vaccinated with a seasonal flu shot – the most important step in preventing cold and flu.


               -Help prevent the spread of flu germs by practicing proper cough and sneeze etiquette, staying away from sick people, and staying home if you get sick.


                -Wash your hands with soap and water often, or use hand sanitizer if you do not have access to a sink.


    Other insider tips and tricks include:


                 -Taxis are the cleanest form of public transportation as compared to airplanes or rental cars which are the least clean.


                 -The first bathroom stall in public restrooms is usually the cleanest.


                  -Staying indoors – and thus, in close contact with other people's germs – encourages cold and flu transmission more than being out in the cold, as is commonly believed.


                    -Stress taxes the immune system and can cause people to neglect sleep, healthy diet, and exercise, which ultimately makes them more vulnerable to getting sick.


    If you do find yourself bogged down by the influenza virus, here are some products that can pull you out of your slump:


    -Immune System support


    -Natural remedy and prevention


    -Cough Relief


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