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  • 4 Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles





    The benefits of having a reusable water bottle have been talked about for a long time. Besides helping to contribute to the green movement, reusable water bottles also contribute to your health. Especially if you carry more than tap water in your bottle. A Shaker bottle can be used for mixing up a number of nutritional beverages that can give you a health boost. They are the easiest way to mix and enjoy your favorite protein shake, weight loss supplements or even lemonade or baby formula for your little one. Below are the benefits of having a shaker:


    • Good For The Environment: A reusable bottle saves dozens of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. This in turn cuts down on oil consumption, because plastic is made from oil.


    • Makes Water More Convenient: Carrying a shaker with you means that you always have access to water. You don’t have to wait to get home, or look for a place to buy a bottle. Having more accessible water means that you drink more.


    • Adaptability: A Shaker can work as a makeshift blender or mixer. Quality shakers like the The Jaxx mixing system are made with powerful agitators designed to mix even the thickest powdered drink or smoothie. There will be no clogs or clumps in your drink.


    • Affordability: Shaker bottles are very user-friendly and affordable because water itself is inexpensive to clean and distribute. By using tap water in shaker, you'll save money each month.



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