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  • 5 New Year Resolutions for 2014




    New Year’s resolutions are fun to make but often extremely difficult to maintain. Do something that you will benefit from, here's to your health!



    Save money

    Save money by making healthy lifestyle changes. Instead of driving everywhere and wasting tons of gas, walk or ride your bike to work.


    Drink More Water
    Water is the most essential key to looking and feeling better while hydrating the skin and your appearance.
    Wear Sunscreen


    A lot of us often forget this during the winter months, but sunscreen is extremely important! The sun is responsible for 80-90% of skin aging, so the best anti-aging step is a preventative one.It’s never too early or too late to start protecting your skin. Try at daily facial moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher and commit yourself to applying it every day.
    Commit to Working Out!
    There is no way around it; you have to make this a non-negotiable or it won’t happen. Even 20 minute exercises can help. Committing to regular exercise, will come with great benefits that go well beyond your body image. Exercise is known to improve blood flow, carrying oxygen and nutrients to all your organs, including your skin!
    Reduce alcohol intake. 
    There has been a lot written about the health benefits of a small amount of alcohol,but having too much is still the bigger problem. A lot of alcohol can affect the brain’s neurotransmitters and can increase the risk of depression, memory loss, or even seizures. 





    It's hard to keep up with the enthusiasm and motivation months after you've swept up the confetti, but it's not impossible. Your health and your body will thank you! 



    Happy New Year!



     By: Katherine Polanco, Isaac Brody





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