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  • What’s the Best Time for Exercise?




    There are some folks that swear by an early morning 6 a.m workout to get ready for the day ahead while other people wouldn't even dream of exercising before noon. So, what’s the right time to exercise? Truth is there’s no real evidence to suggest that there are any specific times in the day that will cause you to burn more calories.

    The most important thing, experts say, is to choose a time of day you can stick with, so that exercise becomes a habit.

    However, if you do have trouble with being consistent, morning exercises may be best. If we get it over with early, nothing else will interfere with a great workout. But if you’re suffering from insomnia, hitting the snooze button repeatedly doesn’t count as exercise. A great habit to get into if you want to beat insomnia and get up for an early morning workout is to wind down before bed. Your heart rate and body temperature needs to be in a rest zone in order to get your body into a habit of sleep.

    Happy exercise!





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