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  • 10 Tips for Dry Winter Skin



    For many, the cold days not only chill our bones, it also brings uncomfortable dryness to the skin on our faces, hands and feet. If this sounds familiar here are ten tips to boost your skin care regimen, to keep your skin healthy and glowing these winter months.


    1. Moisturize More - The key this winter is to moisturize more. Instead of using products that are water-based, use an ointment that's oil-based. This will help create a layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. 


    2. Sunscreen - Some people ditch sunscreen altogether in the Winter and the fact is, sunscreen isn't just for the summertime. The winter sun, snow and cold weather can be a toll on your skin. Sunscreen will keep you protected. 


    3. See a doctor/pharmacist- If you don't have time to visit your doctor, stop by your local pharmacist or drug store and speak to someone who can help you analyze your skin type and help with your skin care regimen. 


    4. Use a Humidifier- Humidifiers help put moisture into the air while our central heating and space heaters are blasting hot dry air into our homes and offices. The humidifiers allow the moisture to be dispersed evenly throughout without our skin drying out. 


    5. Gloves- Your mom always told you don't forget your gloves on cold winter days, and we should never forget that. The skin on our hands is thinner than most the skin on the rest of our bodies and contains fewer oil glands. Wearing gloves when we go outside protects us from itchiness and cracking. 


    6. Water- Yes, you've heard this a million times. But water is the key to our health. Your skin benefits from fluids. 


    7. Avoid Harsh Peels, Masks, and Alcohol-based Toners-   These can strip all vital oils your face needs to retain moisture. Instead use natural products that are gentler on your skin, especially your face. 


    8. No Super-Hot Bath! - Admit it, we love super hot baths when we come in from the cold. But the intensity in the heat of our baths breaks down the barriers in our skin that can lead to a loss of moisture. And also staying in the bath too long can do the same. 


    9. Quickly get out off wet clothes, not only does it cause irritation but it can also crack your skin and create sores. 


    10. Exfoliates and our Feet- Our feet tend to need something stronger than the minty foot lotions we love in the summer. Use lotions with petroleum jelly instead and an exfoliant to remove dead skin periodically, helping moisture sink in faster and deeper. 


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