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  • Top 10 Sources of Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for our health.  It plays a key role in preventing bone fractures and osteoporosis, reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, and prevents against heart disease! On top of those great benefits, Vitamin D even improves your mood and lung function. Wow! Sounds very important right? You must be thinking to yourself “ I need to  make sure I get enough Vitamin D!” Well we have you covered… Here’s a list of the top 10 sources of Vitamin D:


    1. Sunlight





    Salmon has by far the most Vitamin D of any food. Half a fillet of sockeye salmon has more than 1,400 iu of Vitamin D – more than twice as much as most people need in a day.




    A serving of tuna has a healthy dose of Vitamin D - more than one-third of a daily dose.



    Sole or flounder

    Flatfish like sole and flounder have about one-fourth a day's worth of Vitamin D. 





    Fortified milk has about one-fifth a day's worth of Vitamin D (whole milk has more than skim).





    Like fortified milk, fortified cereal provides a more balanced meal than a Vitamin D supplement. The amount of Vitamin D in cereals varies widely by brand and type, though, so read the label carefully.





    Three little ounces of pork can provide as much as 88 iu of Vitamin D.





    Two large eggs have about one-tenth of a daily dose of Vitamin D.





    Mushrooms can have a significant amount of Vitamin D, but the amount varies widely by type.




    Beef Liver

    A 3-ounce portion of beef liver has more than 42 iu of Vitamin D.

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