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  • Coffee, Energy Bars or Energy Drinks: Which is Right for You?



    Whether you're on the go its hard to choose energy bars, a cup of coffee, soda or a red bull for a source of #energy. You can make it a healthy snack if you chose the right one.

    From caffeine to super-charged sodas to energy drinks, let’s face it- we all love being wired and ready to go! But are these energy sources going too far? Unnatural energy drinks promise a lot more than they tell us, from secret ingredients to the crash afterwards. Most energy drinks double or even triple the amount of most soda or iced teas. Apart from sugars and vitamins, none of these ingredients have daily recommended values, and many of these ingredients have not been deemed truly safe for public consumption.

    An energy bar on the other hand can be a healthy snack—if you choose the right one. Each of these bars are natural, have minimal added sugars, and boasts an ingredient list consisting mainly of fruits, nuts, and whole grains. 
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